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critterscorner: We are looking into getting a few pigs this year too. We would be very interested in some tips, by tips I mean exact play by play instructions on how to harvest them ourselves. Do you do your own smoking as well? Jan 1, 2014 16:10:16 GMT -5
mountainharvest: Would love to give you tips and advice! We do not do our own smoking, just not set up for it, and we only kill for our family, then have our butcher cut it up...its not that it is hard, just need a good, clean space and we don't have that. Jan 1, 2014 16:15:13 GMT -5
mountainharvest: Because we sell most of our pork, it has to go through the gov't inspection we don't do a lot on farm. But, I was a meat cutter a few years back, so learned a lot, and there are great books out there, too Jan 1, 2014 16:16:16 GMT -5
critterscorner: Ok, I do have a good butchering book here, if I come across anything I don't understand I know who to ask. :) Jan 1, 2014 16:34:47 GMT -5
mountainharvest: Saying goodbye to my matriarch jersey cow tomorrow...feeling sad about that! But, we are keeping her daughter, Juneau, to replace her, just hope she's half the cow mama Elli-May is! Feb 28, 2014 14:02:36 GMT -5
birdsongmilkmaid: Did you decide to sell Elli-May? Mar 4, 2014 17:00:39 GMT -5
mountainharvest: We did...we don't need 2 milking cows for our family, and the thought of keeping her until the end and hamburger-ing her did not appeal to us! She was 9, so still has lots of life left, so time for her to go to another loving family! Mar 5, 2014 12:27:47 GMT -5
birdsongmilkmaid: I sold one of my cows as a 9-year-old; she's 11 now, happy and healthy, and due to calve again in May. My oldest cow on the farm right now will be celebrating her 9th birthday on April 1st. She's a new cow for me, so I'm really hoping for a heifer calf! Mar 5, 2014 19:57:35 GMT -5
mountainharvest: I'll cross my fingers for you! Mar 9, 2014 18:48:38 GMT -5
teamduggan: We are looking for another milk cow. We live in Cache Creek BC, and are currently milking 2 jerseys. I hope I am writing this in the right spot, I have never used a site like this before. Apr 12, 2014 11:38:33 GMT -5
teamduggan: Opps...hit enter too soon. Our number is 250-457-6559. Apr 12, 2014 11:40:02 GMT -5
birdsongmilkmaid: Yep, I can see it. :) Apr 13, 2014 1:50:04 GMT -5
mountainharvest: Did you get your heifer yet, Naomi? How are you faring with all the flooding...did it affect you? May 20, 2014 9:02:42 GMT -5
nanvalley: Looking for a Canadienne hiefer for sale. Jun 1, 2014 8:11:19 GMT -5
birdsongmilkmaid: No, I didn't get a heifer from my 9-year-old yet (I hope to breed her this month), but my 4-year-old had a heifer on May 30th. She had a heifer last year as well, so it's the first time I've had a cow give me two heifers in a row. Jun 18, 2014 2:07:52 GMT -5
mountainharvest: Nanvalley, where are you? google Tatlayoko Ford, they have Canadiennes, in BC. Jul 23, 2014 18:14:14 GMT -5
mountainharvest: Congrats on a heifer, Naomi! Jul 23, 2014 18:14:32 GMT -5
maxriemer555: hi there my name is max and i live in cape town.i am raising a bucket calf and have some questions how many hours a part my i feed him. he is 3 week old Jul 28, 2014 12:12:03 GMT -5
birdsongmilkmaid: I usually feed my calves three or four times a day at that age. So if I was feeding four times a day, I would feed at, say 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, and again at 8 pm. I usually try to split the feedings fairly evenly throughout the day. Aug 2, 2014 22:08:01 GMT -5
carmansjersey: Someone please tell me they will knock my bull out when they castrate and dehorn! Or is he awake? Aug 26, 2015 9:45:42 GMT -5